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Floyd Central H.S. PTO/Renaissance

What is FC PTO/Renaissance?

The primary goal of the Renaissance program, founded by Jostens and educators in 1988, is to create a culture in which academic excellence is supported and rewarded, which will result in an increase in student performance, teacher enthusiasm and parent awareness, as well as a raised level of community business participation in schools. In 1994 Floyd Central High School joined more than 2,000 Renaissance schools in the United States that offer numerous recognition and incentive programs to reward both student and teacher performance. There are no annual fees paid to Jostens and schools are not required to purchase anything from Jostens to participate. The Renaissance program links students, teachers, parents and community businesses, and allows everyone to take an active role in improving student academic achievement. Parents and community businesses donate time, money, materials and merchandise so students can earn academic and citizenship recognition. Students benefit from the program because it raises the profile of academics. Teachers benefit with renewed enthusiasm about their profession. Parents benefit by being actively involved in the education of their children. Community businesses benefit from increased sales and a well-educated work force. Everyone wins!

Purpose/Mission: To enhance the educational experience of all students by:

  1. Supporting academic and enrichment activities through volunteer and financial assistance.
  2. Encouraging parental involvement
  3. Providing a channel of communication between parents and teachers, administrators and staff.